About Learning Hub

Who we are?

We are a small team of CIMA experts, we combine our academic expertise with technology to deliver a fresh approach to preparing for CIMA exams. We have experienced CIMA exams and we know the excitement of passing and the “bad feeling” of failing as well.

Our vision

To become the most preferred CIMA online exam preparation content provider.

  • We will achieve this by investing in technology to deliver simpler ways to assist CIMA
    students pass their exams.
  • Our people are at the centre of everything we do and we have support to ensure that students are supported in the process of attaining CGMA designation.
  • Provide affordable exam solutions to CIMA students in Africa

Why choose us?

Our objective is simple – To help CIMA students pass OT exams!
We are experts in preparing students for CIMA objective online exams. We give you:

  • 500 online questions per subject.
    High quality giving you the standard you will find when you sit for the final exam
  • You practice and prepare on the go, anywhere, anytime, unlimited access for 60 days
  • We take it personal to make sure that you pass your exam, therefore we give you a pass assurance or come back for free!
  • Our parent company Graduate School of Accounting is CIMA registered tuition provider, giving you more resources to add to your tuition packages.


How it all started!

I know the feeling of passing and failing CIMA exams!

The idea to start the Learning Hub came from my experience as a CIMA student, every time l prepared for exams, l felt l had not done enough practice questions.
Questions l got from other providers were not enough for me. CIMA online exams meant l needed to practice online, the old way of doing practice on paper didn’t work for me. l needed online practice and real exam simulation. After speaking to so many students, l realised we shared the same experience, so l needed to do something that would make exam preparation easier.
I reached out to a number of CIMA experts and came up with The Learning Hub, the place for students serious about becoming CGMAs.