Online Classes

Learninghub SA offer award online learning courses that utilise a range of digital learning materials, alongside expert tutor support to help you achieve success in your next exam. Our online lectures cover all the key aspects of the syllabus and allow you to study at your own pace. Downloadable Topic-by-topic lectures, and the flexibility to download notes. This therefore allows you to review and revise content as needed, as well as to personalise your studies by progressing at a pace that works for you.

Studies are broken down into steps and manageable study sessions that are high quality studio recorded. A series of practice questions, progress tests and mock exams help you track your progress, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and improve your performance. Access to the content unlimited times, anytime, anywhere for a period of 6 months.


Certificate Level

BA1 : Fundamentals of Business EconomicsR1,500.00
BA2 : Fundamentals of Management AccountingR1,500.00
BA3 – Fundamentals of Financial AccountingR1,500.00
BA4 – Fundamentals of Business Ethics and Corporate GovernanceR1,500.00

Operational Level

E1 – Managing Finance in Digital WorldR1,750.00
F1 - Financial Reporting and TaxationR1,750.00
ICS - Operational Level Case StudyR1,950.00
P1 – Management AccountingR1,750.00

Managerial Level

E2 - Managing PerformanceR1,800.00
F2 - Advanced Financial ReportingR1,800.00
ICS - Managerial Level Case StudyR1,850.00
P2 - Advanced Management AccountingR1,800.00

Strategic Level

E3 - Strategic ManagementR1,900.00
F3 - Financial StrategyR1,900.00
ICS - Strategic Level Case StudyR1,950.00
P3 - Risk ManagementR1,900.00


Fundamental Level

AA – Audit & Assurance (UK or International) – F8R1,750.00
BT – Business and Technology - F1R1,750.00
CL – Corporate and Business Law – F4R1,750.00
FA – Financial Accounting - F3R1,750.00
FM – Financial Management – F9R1,750.00
FR – Financial Reporting (UK or International) – F7R1,750.00
MA – Management Accounting - F2R1,750.00
PM – Performance Management – F5R1,750.00
TX – Taxation – F6R1,750.00

Professional Level

AAA – Advanced Audit & Assurance (UK or International) - P7R1,950.00
AFM – Advanced Financial Management - P4R1,950.00
APM – Advanced Performance Management – P5R1,950.00
ATX – Advanced Taxation - P6R1,950.00
Strategic Business Leader (SBL) - P1/P3R1,950.00
Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) – P2R1,950.00


FA1 - Recording Financial TransactionsR1,500.00
FA2 - Managing Financial RecordsR1,500.00
FBT - Business and TechnologyR1,500.00
FFA - Financial AccountingR1,500.00
FMA - Management AccountingR1,500.00
MA1 - Management InformationR1,500.00
MA2 - Managing Costs and FinanceR1,500.00