Computer Based Exam Preparation

Tips and techniques from experts to help you pass your exams. The online platform gives the student an impressive number of exam style objective tests questions with immediate educative answers. Test yourself under exam conditions and then get a full report showing your results with feedback. These questions are taken randomly from the subject question database, weighted to be representative of the topic weights in the syllabus.

It uses the exam mode, meaning that you will see the results only after you have completed the test. It is time-limited, with only 90 minutes to answer the 60 questions, so you will experience the time pressure that you will be under in the real exam.


Certificate Level

BA1 : Fundamentals of Business EconomicsR450.00
BA2 : Fundamentals of Management AccountingR500.00
BA3 – Fundamentals of Financial AccountingR550.00
BA4 – Fundamentals of Business Ethics and Corporate GovernanceR600.00

Operational Level

E1 – Managing Finance in Digital WorldR450.00
F1 - Financial Reporting and TaxationR450.00
ICS - Operational Level Case StudyR450.00
P1 – Management AccountingR450.00

Managerial Level

E2 - Managing PerformanceR500.00
F2 - Advanced Financial ReportingR500.00
ICS - Managerial Level Case StudyR500.00
P2 - Advanced Management AccountingR500.00

Strategic Level

E3 - Strategic ManagementR500.00
F3 - Financial StrategyR500.00
ICS - Strategic Level Case StudyR500.00
P3 - Risk ManagementR500.00


Fundamental Level

F1 – Business and Technology - BTR450.00
F2 – Management Accounting - MAR450.00
F3 – Financial Accounting - FAR450.00
F4 – Corporate and Business Law – CLR450.00
F5 – Performance Management – PMR450.00
F6 – Taxation – TXR450.00
F7 – Financial Reporting (UK or International) – FRR450.00
F8 – Audit & Assurance (UK or International) – AAR450.00
F9 – Financial Management – FMR450.00

Professional Level

P1/P3 - Strategic Business Leader (SBL)R450.00
P2 - Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)R450.00
P4 – Advanced Financial Management - AFMR450.00
P5 – Advanced Performance Management – APMR450.00
P6 – Advanced Taxation - ATXR450.00
P7 – Advanced Audit & Assurance (UK or International) - AAAR450.00


FA1 - Recording Financial TransactionsR400.00
FA2 - Managing Financial RecordsR400.00
FBT - Business and TechnologyR400.00
FFA - Financial AccountingR400.00
FMA - Management AccountingR400.00
MA1 - Management InformationR400.00
MA2 - Managing Costs and FinanceR400.00